Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The first time I saw my alien-head daughter

Exactly three years ago, give or take a few hours, I sat down and wrote a reaction to seeing Addison for the first time. The day before, Lindsay and I had gone to the hospital and seen her amphibian features in Addison's first scheduled ultrasound.

I'm gonna re-post an excerpt from it here, to honor the anniversary of writing something publicly about our baby girl for the very first time.

Thanks to God and the Universe and Karma for keeping her safe, from that day until today. Mostly. She might be rotting her brains watching Dora as we speak, but other than that, she's safe and healthy. So is my wonderful wife. Thanks for that too.

And that $100 dollar grocery bit in the title? Never quite reached it. Not very likely now that we live in California either. When Lindsay and I got married, I was paying $.29/lb for bananas, oatmeal frequently went on sale for $.045/oz, and we regularly bought milk on sale for $1.69/gallon. Here in CA, you can double all of those prices and a lot of others too. But my neurotic desire to keep our grocery budget ridiculously low is not the point of this post . . .

This post is to say thank you because when you ask, and then you receive, you've got to express thanks.

Because this:
is now this:

Our little sea creature is growing up.