Monday, April 30, 2012

On emasculation

You give her a book to read and tell her you'll be right back. And then the door creaks open. And you have some 'splainin to do.

"No!" she says. "Not dat way. Toon awound!"
Protestations and explanations notwithstanding, there's not much to do beyond modeling the behavior I want to see, or risk lots of problems for the future.

On the bright side, Addison recently told me that she "yuvs" my beard, specifically the little area under my lip that I sometimes grow to creep out my mother-in-law. Addison loves my soul patch, and whenever I shave it, she gets sad, leading to a conversation something like this:
"What's wrong, Addison?"
"Sad. Addison sad."
"Daddy beard. Go away. Addison sad. Tears."
"Don't worry, it'll grow back. It'll come back, I promise."
"Addison yike it." She points to the little spot under her lip. "Addison have beard, too."
If you really hope and pray and dream, honey, maybe you will. Maybe you will.