Monday, December 24, 2012

Facebook Monday: Spread the cheer. Spread it loud. Spread it proud.

A kid's renditions of the holiday classics are a thing to behold. Addison's no exception. On Facebook this past week, I recounted the ways in which Addison will not be silenced:


Whereas my great anxiety is about how people always seem to be talking about me (and laughing), Addison thinks that everyone SHOULD always be talking about, and to her. 
Loudly, after a prayer at church: "Why that man not bless my owie? And my other owie? Hey, man, I talking to you!" 
To the mailman, who is oblivious and has headphones on: "Stop. Stop! I want to talk to you! Mom, why that man not stop? Why he not want to talk to me?"

As a neighbor turns the corner of the street while pushing her infant in a stroller: "Oh no! I forgot to show that lady my owies! On my hand, and my knee, and my ankle. Oh, this is so sad. That lady wanted to see my owies and say, 'it's okay Addison. It's okay.' Fast! Let's go find her!"

To the baby at the playground: "Talk. Talk, baby. I want you to talk to me. What's your name? I ask you a question, baby. You need to answer my questions. Don't make me angry."

Also, that last bit is likely because we have a green hulk fist that makes smashing noises and says, "You won't like me when I'm angry!"


  1. I love how she's now also offended by the fact that animals won't talk to her. "Why that mountain lion not talk to me? Hello, mountain lion, HELLO." So much for a successful first trip to the zoo...

    1. Mountain Lion:

      "If I talked to you, you might be able to hear the hunger for little girl dripping from my words. Come closer, tiny morsel. That's right, closer, where I can hear you..."

      I didn't like the way that mountain lion looked at our kid...

  2. Yes, L&N, so much for "successful first trips to..." fill-in-the-blank. Like when I took my almost 3yo daughter to the friggin' Doggie Halloween Parade. Instead of being delighted, she cried inconsolably because she didn't want to SEE the doggies... she wanted to hold them in her lap, while they sat very still for hours, so she could hold them and pet them and love them, and they could love her back. Even after the parade, while owners and pets loitered in the nearby sidewalks and park, I desperately tried to find her a dog that wasn't too excited/exhausted for such a task, and who also fit her qualifications (not too big, just a "tiny" one). Egads! The afternoon ended in complete distress, with a devastated child, a SUPER cranky mom (and I quote, "What in hell made me think that THIS would be a good idea?!?"), and a frustrated/helpless dad. Sheez. Maybe next year it'll be better, eh? Zoos and pet parades... who needs them?!

    1. p.s. Merry Christmas! And thanks for offering some levity to this, the hardest and most important job in the world! :)

    2. The zoo wasn't actually as bad as I'd feared it might be. But when we got to the petting part when she fed a goat, it left a string of goat goo on her hand, and Addison was like, "That goat make my hand stinky. Yuck." And that was the main topic of conversation for the rest of the trip.

      Now, parades...I've never brought her to one, and it sounds pretty tough, because she HATES standing still. At least at the zoo she could sprint from exhibit to exhibit and get some energy out. Every time she sprinted past the mountain lions, they'd run beside her, as far as their enclosures allowed.

    3. And Merry Christmas back at you!