Saturday, November 23, 2013

The first snow

The last two days we've woken up to snow flurries -- big fat ones -- falling like frozen tears from baby cherubs, dainty sendings of heavenly sorrow crystallized while passing through rarefied atmospheres. Tiny beautiful fairies, perfect and unique, that melt slowly into nothingness and oblivion on the deck. Or just snow flurries. We'll just leave it at that.

But there really is something both beautiful and haunting about early morning snow, and the way clouds hang heavy over the mountains. The lightness of the flurries and the weight of those enveloping vapors contrast in interesting ways that get me thinking as I stare out the window. I almost run to wake my daughter.

When she finally does wake up, I tell her to go look out the window, and she does, trailing her curiosity behind her like her old ratty bunny. And then I hear her scampering feet, rushing back to shout,
 "It's snowing! It's snowing!" 
She dances around, a pint-sized but enthusiastic manifestation of my own introverted feelings. There's nothing like watching a kid celebrate snow that brings you back to your own childhood, before shoveling, before scraping car windshields, before trying to drive to work or the supermarket.

The snow melted everywhere but on the upper elevations. I wonder how long it will last there. It's beautiful, but I almost look forward to its passing so that the next snow can be a surprise gift, just like this one.


  1. You make it sound as if Addison was the only giddy one. I don't think I've ever seen you move as fast as you did when you bounded out of your chair and said, "I've got a take a picture of the mountains!" That may not sound "giddy" to some people, but compared to your normal state, it was quite a spectacle!!

    1. Didn't you read my post, "The Mountains are calling, and I must go"? I was serious about that. They sing the song of my people; they're like sirens.

  2. I always wish for about 2 days of fat snow that quickly goes away soon after. Rarely happens that way though. We need it at least once a year.

    1. I'm curious how much snow we'll get here. I'm told there are years these California mountains have gotten multiple FEET of snow, and years they've only gotten a couple inches. We'll see.


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