Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day, Part Three

Today Addison and I made Valentine cards.

I wrote "To" and "From," but "Mom" and "Addison" were all her, with a little coaching. The hairy looking things outside the heart are "pretty decorations," in case you were wondering. And here's the front of the card:

I modeled "You" to Addison several times, but it came out like this. "Pou." So it's possible that Addison  loves "Poo" the most (despite the trauma it's caused her), although I'm sure she also loves "You." She's so sweet.

Then she drew a picture of Mom and Dad:

That's me on the left, and Lindsay on the right. We're holding hands. Addison appears to have given my eyeballs arms and legs. And she drew nightmare eyelashes all over Lindsay's. She comes from the Francis Bacon school of creepiness, I think. I've thought so ever since she started drawing these. Also, though it might be hard to discern, she drew a Baby Addison in Lindsay's tummy, and the baby is crying tears because she needs her bottle. Addison kept repeating to herself, "Tears, tears, tears, tears," with each stroke of the marker. All in all, though, not too bad a likeness of our family (this is from back when I had hair):

And here's the card I made Lindsay. Addison helped me color it:

I'd intended it to be heartfelt and at some point I succumbed to delusions of grandeur. Which probably represents me pretty well, too. Happy Valentine's Day, honey.

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