Thursday, October 23, 2014

Feel the burn!

Last weekend I ran the Bakersfield 10K Volkslauf for my fifth straight year. I didn't really train much in the "preseason," since we're in the middle of trying to buy a house and, well, because laziness. I almost didn't show on race day, but finally dragged myself to the starting line for the sake of continuity. And because velociraptors. My daughter, enthusiastic about my athletic goals (or lack thereof), has taken it upon herself to help me get back in shape:

She's a tough taskmaster.

I used to try this same maneuver several years back when she was ten or fifteen pounds lighter, and I was ten or fifteen pounds more muscular. If I'm gonna be able to still manage it in several more years, I've obviously got to up my game. It's daunting, but dang-it, I'm gonna make it happen. When I think of a father-daughter obstacle racing team, I can already feel the pre-race butterflies flapping around excitedly in my stomach. Next year, at almost 6, she'll be the perfect age to start.

So, challenge accepted. I'm feeling the burn.


  1. LOL. Awesome. Another blog that I follow, The Old Red Barn Co., the father and his daughters so adventure/obstacle races together as well. The kids are teens now and it is so much fun to see Dana write posts and share videos of their adventure. Rest assured it can be done, and it is a good thing that you plan to start her young. She'll love it.

    1. Nothing like doing something really hard to bring people together. And I just broke out in a sweat imagining that my little creature will someday be a teenager.

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    1. I used up the three that I had making this video.