My book blog

So, in my free time from photo-shopping my daughter's head onto velociraptor bodies, I also review and sometimes spew invective about science fiction and fantasy books (Wizard's First Rule, I'm looking at you).

I love the genre, but there's certainly a lot of crap out there. Gotta warn you, though, I don't hold punches when it comes to some fan favorites, whether The Hunger Games or Harry Potter or Ender's Game.

Here's what a few people had to say about my reviews:
Why slam a book this much, please stop reading, talking about this book or all 3, and of course the movie. Peace, out. Move onto another book to slam (preferably 50 Shades of Grey!!!!!).
Typical. Someone who doesn't write particularly well has plenty of criticism for someone who does. Perhaps you could complete your English degree and come back when you are able to avoid awkward phrases such as "from the get-go" and use words properly (I believe you meant "flair" rather than "flare," for example).
I'm pretty sure you are not the target audience for this book if you are scribbling critiques in the margins and compiling notes on its failings, as if you are going to write a term paper. OK, so you are not impressed. But do you ever turn off your critic and read for pure fun?
Yeah, some of 'em think I'm a douche-bag. Feel free to tell me where I'm wrong; just write "just sayin'" at the end of your comment, and you can get away with just about anything. I've got really thick skin.

The link's in my sidebar, but you can also get to the home page by clicking here. Raised by my daughter is about parenthood, but part of parenthood is pushing a stroller with one hand while holding a book in the other (I'm not the only one who did that, right?). So, I've read a lot of different kinds of books, and I still do, and if you want, you can join the discussion/throw-down.

Also, here's a fiery post-apocalyptic picture I painted in honor of one of my favorites, Cormac McCarthy's The Road: