Friday, August 17, 2012

Chestbursting babies

I finally went to see Prometheus last night. It was the film's last showing at the dollar theater. Alien is one of my favorite films, so I'd been really looking forward to seeing this "prequel." I enjoyed it, though it didn't live up to the original. Especially loved the landscape shots at the beginning of the film -- I'm a sucker for beautiful landscapes. I even started a blog once devoted to landscapes in film, which I'll warn is kinda boring and academic.

Usually I go to the dollar theater with Addison as a special date, and she gets to run the halls of the mall before and after. We saw The Secret World of Arietty several times there, and we're looking forward to Brave. Lindsay suggested I bring Addison to Prometheus, too, but I had to gently explain the "good parenting" thing to her. No, this movie night was all for me.

I did, however, note sadly that there were several other young kids in the theater, and they cried during the scary scenes. Maybe there are some films made for adults that could debatably be shown to toddlers . . . but this movie really doesn't qualify. Poor kids. My dinosaur nightmares are nothing compared to xenomorph nightmares.