Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My top 3 favorite videos of my toddler dancing

I like this one for the hand jive she performs, which appears to be some combination of patty cake and the Macarena. Also, Addison came up with the lyrics to her song and dance herself: "Addison potty, Addison potty . . . "

In this second video, you may be able to tell through the heavy filtering that Addison is in her birthday suit, and that she's covered in arcane marks and symbols. This is her primitive battle paint. Just prior to singing the happy birthday song, she killed a rooster and drank its blood. And then she did a weird martial arts dance around the room and collapsed in the corner muttering, "the horror . . . "

But this last video is probably my favorite. First, because that alphabet song is seriously catchy. Second, because she's really working those shoulders. It's possible that she's a little confused and she thinks one of her parents keeps trying to grab her by the shoulder, and she can't stop trying to shrug us off. "I just want to finish my song first," she snaps at those invisible hindering parental units. You may recall her trademark stand-offish-ness.