Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog post or date night . . . blog post or date night . .

I told Lindsay a couple of days ago that I wanted to reduce my weekly posts here on the blog. She was like,
"It's about time, you jerk. Time to take me on a DATE." 
I started blogging on my birthday back in April, and started posting three times per week shortly thereafter. I'm pretty proud of keeping that schedule for nearly half a year. And I'm pretty sure that Lindsay thought I was going to give up on the whole thing after about a month. So, BOOYAH! It's possible I kept up the schedule just to win the imaginary argument I'd been having with her in my head.

Really, I've had a blast coming up with stuff each week. It's fun to look forward to making a comic, and I'm always thinking of the next parenting moment I can write about. Even if I still haven't managed to get my father-in-law to crack a smile at any of my comics. I find myself looking forward to the day that Addison is old enough to read the stuff I write here. I feel pretty good about the continued experience.

Still, I am going to ease up a bit, especially now that I'm the undisputed primary caregiver (I had to beat Lindsay in a best-of-five, no-holds-barred cage-fight for the distinction). I've been posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and sometimes it's been a challenge to get something completed. I'm not sure whether anyone actually knew that I had a consistent posting schedule (really, was anyone aware of this?), so a change in posting schedule might not make for much of an announcement. But here's the deal:
I'll now be putting up a post each Wednesday, smack in the middle of the week. The goal is to spend more couple time together each evening, maybe watch a show together or go out to eat, instead of me being like, "But I have a poorly-drawn comic I have to work on. Raincheck?" 
I may end up deciding I can give two days per week a try, but for the moment I'm gonna stick with the one and see how it goes. After five years, maybe we'll finally finish the last season of Northern Exposure.

Of course, I've still got a Facebook page. It doesn't really take that much of my time to throw something on the wall there for posterity, so that's going to keep going strong. In case you haven't visited the page, here are a few conversations with Addison that I've recorded there:

Apparently we shout at each other a lot. But it's a good energy, like when a coach screams encouragement at his star quarterback. Or when chief Brody in Jaws yells at all the kids on the beach to get away from the water. Sometimes a whisper just isn't going to cut it.

Anyway, see you next Wednesday! Or earlier, if you're on Facebook. (Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us.)