Friday, April 5, 2013

To the moon or bust

Yesterday while we were pulling weeds, I asked Addison what she wanted to talk about.
Addison: How 'bout outer space? 
Me: Be still my beating heart. 
Addison: Huh? 
Me: I'm just proud of you. How about I tell you about airplanes and the Wright brothers and then about the space race and how the first man landed on the moon? 
Addison: Yeah! That one!
So my three-year-old sat cross-legged on the grass while I worked on getting weeds out by their roots.
Me: So, the Wright Brothers made lots and lots of mistakes. But they tried really hard, and they never gave up, and that's why they ended up flying the first airplane. 
Addison: Sometimes I make mistakes too! 
Me: I know. We all do. That's okay.
For the next twenty minutes, she sat very, very still while I gave her a vague but passionate history of space-flight. And we ended this way:
Me: And N.A.S.A made lots of mistakes. But do you want to know how Neil Armstrong finally ended up walking on the moon? 
Addison: I know! He would never, never give up! 
Me: You're a smart cookie. 
Addison: I want a cookie. 
Me: Nice try.
Here she is, trying to escape earth's orbit. No swing is gonna keep her tethered to the earth.


  1. Shh, don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty sure Addison's just about the coolest*.

    Sorry, all the other kids in the world.

    (*Of course my nephew is exempt from this, as he won lifetime-coolest-kid award the minute he was born. But it's not like he can be dethroned, so it's not like a competition thing. No one should be jealous. It's just a fact of life.)

    1. Amy, she's pretty cool. I just can't ever let her know. 'Cause someone who knows they are cool becomes uncool.

      But I'll tell her when she becomes an astronaut. I'll tell her, "kid, you're cool. Don't let it go to your head, or you'll helmet'll get stuck. Seriously. You'd be in trouble. So stay humble. Stay alive."

  2. I approve this conversation. The talk of hard work and never giving still my beating heart. (But you still called her smart! -- what have I told you about that?)

    1. I also called her a cookie. I will eat her.

  3. I'm just in awe of her sitting for 20 minutes!

  4. Omg you are a amazing! My friend just linked me to your blog (we're in Maine btw) & I've been creeping thru all if you're posts for the last hour...great material & very funny! I've always fancied myself witty but your whimsical humor mixed with parenting is unparalleled Sir & for this I thank you.

    1. A good day to you, my dear Lady, and you are very welcome here!