Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trading families, hungry spiders, and professions of love

While on a walk the other day: 
Addison (decisively): I will stay in this family. 
Lindsay: Good, we like you. 
Turning the corner, Addison sees a house with old, sad-looking drapes in the window. Lindsay tells me someone elderly recently died there. 
Addison (pointing at the house): Naw, I will go with THAT family. 
It was nice while it lasted, kid.
We're having another spider conversation over here (Addison watched Charlotte's Web last week). 
Addison: I love spider babies! 
Me: Why? 
Addison: Because they be on my nose and tickle me. 
Me: I see. What do they tell you? 
Addison (whispered): We need food. 
Brave kid. When spiders are crawling on my face, I do not wait to see if they have something to say.
The other night at bedtime, I whispered in my daughter's ear, "I have something to tell you." 
Addison: What? Tell me! 
Me (whispered in her ear): I love you so, so much. 
Addison: That's pretty nice. I have something to tell you, too. 
Me: Okay . . . 
Addison (whispered in my ear): I love you so much and your voice is like ice cream. 
This kid, always one-upping me with her love. Also . . . she wants to eat me.