Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On being missed, falling off bridges, and high-stakes negotiations

The final batch of conversations with my daughter from the last couple weeks:


My daughter wakes up, knocks on my door, and when I open it, says, 
"I missed you, Daddy. I missed you."

When Addison and I were looking at my Darth Vader April Fool's comic: 
Addison: Why mama make you fall off that bridge? 
Me: Um. Are you saying that mama is Darth Vader? 
Addison (stabbing a finger at me): Yes. And she is mad. Probably you were NOT obedient.

Addison: Can I come out of quiet time now? I need to go to a meeting. 
Me: Oh really. Where's your meeting? 
Addison (waving vaguely at the horizon): Oh, somewhere. 
Me: Very reassuring. Well, you can come out in twenty minutes. 
Addison (stretching her hand up above her head to show how she is measuring): But that number is SO high. See? 
Me: I see what you mean. 
Addison: How about five minutes? 
Me (bending down to show how low her number is): Oh, but that is too small. See? How about 19 minutes. 
Addison (resigned): Okay. That will be fine.

Addison: Daddy, I wish you were small so you could fit into small places with me. 
I wish that too, kiddo. I wish that too.

Addison, her head on the table, demoralized. In front of her sits a plate of vegetables. 
Addison (moaned): I wish vegetables were sugar.