Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On drawing skills and admitting defeat

So, last Friday I posted about my daughter staging a quiet coup, to become the head picture draw-er in this household. Since she was away over the weekend visiting her cousins in Bakersfield, and I missed her, I took a little time to go through some of our home movies. And to my surprise (and chagrin), I found this:

She did this in April. Almost 3 months ago. Her bunny was clearly not a fluke. This kid's been prepping to steal my thunder for months now. Her next trick will probably involve drawing with her eyes closed. With her toes.

Perhaps even more significant is this video that I also found:

Pretty regular, right? You'd think so, but it turns out that the stomach-in-the-face picture that she drew was also not a fluke. Take a look at this:

I'm not going to tell her to stop drawing creepy mini-people-tumors coming out the sides of her happy faces. Better to keep this sort of thing out in the open where we can monitor it, right? We can submit the pictures and videos to her therapist in a few years. Anyway, I wonder if these pictures of hers answer the question I asked not too long ago about what babies dream about.

As I was going through our archives, I also found this amusing old high school photo of me in front of some art I was working on:

Kind of funny how my proudest artistic achievements these days involve stick figures and poop jokes. And how my two-year-old makes me feel a bit inadequate. Also, I can't show her this picture or she might end up working big, too. And the only big spaces in our house are the walls. And the walls are owned by my in-laws. And I'm sure they don't want humongous mutants with extra body parts sticking out of their faces everywhere they look.

Just for good measure, here's her bunny drawing again, this time matched up against the real thing: