Monday, December 31, 2012

Facebook Monday: Crashing through the sky, straight to outer space

As my two year old's accountability partner, I've got to admit that some of her goals are more realistic (and sadistic) than others. But a kid's gotta have dreams, right? It's kind of like applying to college; you should have both "safety" and "reach" schools. And let me be the first to say, I don't think potty training Addison is going to be the easy task on the list.

On Facebook this past week, Addison tried to enter orbit (it was inevitable, what with the treasure trove of dirt to be found on Mars), and started her first serious exploration of surrealist existentialism:

Addison, flat on her back, kicking up at the ceiling. 
Addison: I am putting my legs up. Way, way up. 
Lindsay: Oh?
Addison: I will crash through the sky. My legs will crash through the sky, to outer space.
Kick. Kick. Kick. 
Addison (disappointed): It didn't work. 
I didn't know she knew what outer space was. I couldn't be prouder. It sounds like now I only have her mom to convince that we should lobby to be colonists for the first trip to Mars.
Me: Do you have more pee to do, or are you all done? 
Addison: I need a banana treat! 
Me: What you need to do is answer my question. 
Addison: I did answer your question! 
Me: Yes, but it only makes sense as a Dada-esque response to the ridiculousness of trying to find fixed meaning in our world. And you are still too young for that. 
Addison: Okay. I'm all done peeing.