Monday, February 16, 2015

Where are we?

If you've been following along, you know we've got a map thing going on at our house. A massive National Geographic donation from my in-laws meant awesome wallpaper for our four-year-old's room. And there was that post that got shared around the internet from that time I carved an orange peel into a map of the world.

Well. We bought oranges again, so you can guess what kind of project we tried. Lately we've been working with Addison to understand the difference between cities, states, and countries, because she'll say, "I want to go visit Grammy and Gramps in California." But even though we live in different cities, we all live in California.

So this time, a map of the United States. Addison can now pick out California, Utah (where we used to live), and Alabama, where her Papa and Nena live. And Hawaii, which is her favorite state.

We talked about what makes a state, and the order they were added. And here they are, in a never-ending animation. Like watching a washing machine go around, if you watch long enough, you'll eventually reach enlightenment.