Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Real Princesses of Disneyland

For the past year, Addison and her mom have been going to Disneyland at least a couple times per month. Like the under-two rule for flying, we wanted to take advantage of the under-three rule for Disneyland, and so we only bought one pass, for Lindsay. I didn't get one, since standing in lines and navigating large crowds of people make me want to kick myself in the face. Which means every time Lindsay goes, I get a little extra time to play Bioshock. I mean, draw poop comics, my real work.

Addison's free year at Disneyland is about to expire. And it's probably about time, because she's starting to have unrealistic expectations about what can be found at the "The Happiest Place on Earth." The other day, we were having a discussion about what we were each going to eat for breakfast (it's possible I also have unrealistic expectations, but that's not the point):
Me: I want world peace. 
Addison: No, we can't eat world peace. 
Me: I want world peace. 
Addison: We don't have world peace here. 
Me: Where is world peace? 
Addison: At Disneyland. 
Me: Where at Disneyland? 
Addison: When you ride the rides. We can bring you some world peace, daddy. 
Me: How long do I have to wait? 
Addison: About 5 minutes.
She couldn't make good on the 5 minutes thing, since we live nearly 20 minutes away from the Magic Kingdom, "The Most Magical Place on Earth." But that didn't stop her from trying to bring a little something back for me the next time she was there. Frankly, it was nice to be remembered:
Addison (at the end of a visit to Disneyland): I can't remember what daddy needed. 
Lindsay: You mean world peace? 
Addison: Yeah. I was looking for it. I couldn't find it. 
Our little girl has really loved going to Disneyland, but I must confess, it's probably important that we start introducing some other role models into her life. Those princesses have a mean streak.